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Some more shitty ideas

-Alpha and Omega Lati twins: Original Lati twins bear the Delta Symbol, which currently represents Mega Rayquaza. So to expand on that idea, two different Lati variations that are subordinate to Primals can work.

-Theta Pokémon: One of the symbols used for Ancient Trait in Ancient Origins TCG deck is Theta, which has no corresponding Pokémon.  So a species can be introduced for that.

-Fog, Sand and Snow legendaries: The remaining weather effects with no legendaries, they can something that represents them.

Let's discuss coverage moves, p1, Types

As we need to do so.

Unused but implied concepts in Pokémon

-Pom Pom Dance: Not only we have three Electric-type species dedicated to pom pom dance, Orocorio Pom Pom, Plusle and Minun, Jumpluff's Stadium 2 onwards 3D model also featured it doing the pom pom dance.

-Bakeneko Dance: We have two Cat species with Own Tempo ability, Glameow and Espurr, which do not get any dance move, we also have Meowth, whose species name is Bakeneko.

-Ability suppressor: We have an item that suppresses Status moves, Assault Move, and another group that suppresses all moves except the chosen one.

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The Next Best Thing, Part II, Reckoning.

Original is here.

Some more ideas for fangames

Pokémon Prime: Based on the TCG card class,, these would be unique variants of existing Pokémon with slightly better stats and movepool. They can serve as mid-bosses or event Pokémon, but they cannot be the default variant.

Team Assisters: Serving as glorified items, these species would give similar boosts to Flower Gift Cherrim, but only by being in the party. This can lead to very interesting team building strategies.

Domestic/Wild variants: Similar to regional variants, these would be largely based on species who are generally wild like Teddiursa and who are generally urban, like Eevee. The "wild" variant can be in two different variants, wild, based off the wild equivalent of the base species, and feral, which is closer to original, but with different types and/or abilities. Domestic variants can be in multiple breeds.

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Some ideas for fangames

Deoxys Spawn: Smaller variants of Deoxys, these are entirely new species born out of mutation to fit in Earth's atmosphere. They have smaller BST, but their stat distributions are different. These spawn have a unique ability called "Symbofusion", which allows them to temporarily fuse with Pokémon, either giving small stat boosts for some, or causing Mega Evolution-esque alternate forms for others.

The idea for them I had was Deoxys' crystal(aka, its brain) being replaced by a common item, either evolutionary stones, pieces of life force of Pokémon, or Elemental Gems, which allows them to get different body styles and forms.

Legendary Heralds and Guards: Various species of Pokémon serving as servants of legendary Pokémon, these species would be granted the unique moves and abilities of their respective legendary. They would serve as common wild encounter or mid-bosses of their legendaries. Competitively, they would be a way of bypassing Uber species' unique moves to common mons.

This idea developed from an older idea I had, where certain species would act as subordinates to their associated legendary and gain stat boosts when they are used alongside them, which would be disconnected to their ability. However, I expended the idea a bit to make it more sense in Pokémon world, and fit in the lore we have, such as Arcanine being showcased alongside Kanto birds.

Giga Forms: Another Mega Evolution-like gimmick, but the difference would be that instead of reaching their potential, these species would get abnormally larger, giving rise to what we know as "Giant Pokémon". These forms would be usable by all stages of Pokémon, but only few would get proper Mega Evolution-esque form changes.

The downside of this would be the increased Low Kick and Grass Knot damage, as well as decreased evasion and speed, though these would only count for certain species, with few others escaping these downsides.

Mature Forms: Attained after refusing evolution for a while, a Mature Form for a Pokémon would be attained for a Pokémon who has refused to evolve for a long time. These variants would keep the same BST as their final evolved forms, but their stat distributions would be different. Once they attain this form, however, they would lose their ability to evolve and use Eviolite permanently. Effectively, they would become like Eternal Flower Floette.

Mature Forms for Baby Pokémon might be able to breed.

Chibi Forms: Same as Giga Forms, but in reverse. These would be tiny, smaller forms of Pokémon, alluding to shorter variants of their species. Only some species would get true Chibi forms, while others would get just small.

The downside of this would be loss of offensive and defensive power, in favor of increased speed and automatic Minimize.

Living Mega Stones/Form Changers: These species would allow a species to reach to their proper Mega by simply being on the team. These species would have some characteristics of their Mega partners. They would serve as vehicles to have regular Mega Evolution without any item, or nasty backstory of "Key Stones are people!"

These species might have different forms and/or stat boosts while the Mega is activated and in the team. Certain abilities would also work as this, but serving an all purpose for all or some Megas.

Brute Force variants: These variants would belong to species that are known to have unique items and clothes. Instead of these, they would go completely wild, gaining new BSTs and abilities.

For example, Farfetch'd without its Stick would get 450 BST and become Water/Flying, but it would be unable to use its Stick.

Aggressive/Calm variants: These would be behavioural variants of the existing species, acting similar to regional variants. They would change how a Pokémon plays and looks and they would alter the moveset, but typing would remain the same. In rare occasions, such as Slaking, they might change BST altogether.

Other ideas proposed:

Official ideas:

School Forms: Various other species are known to gather in large groups such as Unown and Combee, these species can also benefit from School Forms. And weak initial and second stages can benefit from such a thing.

Zen Mode: Same as above, several species are known for their latent psychic powers and ability to meditate, so these species can also get Zen Modes.


Interrupted evo: http://icaro382.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=%2F&q=interrupted+evo

There are other concepts I have mentioned in the past, but I don't see any point in repeating them here.

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The Next Best Thing, Sidequests

Proposed ideas:

Movedex: Suggested by Victreebong of Serebiiforums, this idea would focus on using all the moves in the game and registering them to a movedex.

This idea has potential, as not only there are several moves exclusive to event Pokémon, there are also several moves that are event exclusive period, such as Happy Hour, both of which will increase as the franchise grows.

Pokémon Racer: A perennial idea that became popular with the reveal of Rhyhorn racing in XY, this idea have existed since Gen I, when in OS animé, we saw various species racing.

This idea can work in various ways, either as in horse racing, or in dog racing.


Nurses: While I have little idea how such as sidequest will be outside of player taking missions to collect and heal randomly generated Pokémon, there has been an increase about the role of the nurses in the games.

We have several healer Pokémon, such as Audino, Comfey, and Happiny-line.

The player character's mom in B2W2 was a nurse.

And nurses have been a presence in the anime, not just by Nurse Joy, but also in Jessie's backstory.

Item Collector: Serving as an ItemDex for the game, this sidequest would involve completing all possible items in the game.

This idea actually has some potential, as there is an abundance of event only items.

Ruin Maniac: Just a mission sidequest, this idea would focus on player character entering old relics, either to find old items or encounter old Pokémon.

This idea was already with Johto's Unown Dex Arceus Plates and Unova's Relic items, the difference would be that this idea would provide encounter areas ancient artificial Pokémon such as Baltoy and Golett who are generally rare and forgotten.

Botanist: Botany related classes have always existed in Pokémon, and berries are a major feature since Gen II. But there hasn't been any major idea of collecting flowers or other plants.

This idea would also help out to buff up the amount of Grass-types.

Inventor: Another idea that has been since Gen I, so far outside of Shell Bell, berry related items or Apricorn Balls, there hasn't been any major Monster Hunter or even regular JRPG-esque item crafting.

This idea would also help to expand the Electric and Steel-types.